Dose-response relationships (DRR)

The PEROSH joint research project „Dose-Response Relationships (DRR) for selected chemical substances“ started in January 2016 with a kickoff-meeting. The main aims of the project are the scientific derivation of dose-response relationships between selected chemical substances and health effects, knowledge exchange and joint research on this topic. The working group consists of 12 active researchers of 7 PEROSH institutes (CIOP-PIB, FIOH, IFA, INSHT, INAIL, NFA and STAMI).

Meanwhile, the working group developed a cooperation guideline and a consensus method paper for derivation of DRR. This method paper offers a systematic approach for DRR derivation including recommendations for literature searches, quality assessment of toxicological and epidemiological studies results and appropriate templates.

To test and to validate the workflow, 1,3-butadien (BD) was selected out of 16 substances as the first substance for DRR. Literature searches for criteria documents were done for all of these 16 substances considered to be relevant for occupational safety and health. After comparison of existing lists and key documents, the working group decided to work out BD in detail. This substance is widely used in the production of rubber, plastics, and resins. The working group will evaluate all studies on BD, derivate the DRR for BD and publish the results in a report.

Additionally, the working group created a webpage with relevant information on DRR derivation and key sources.

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