PEROSH celebrated its 15th Anniversary

Last June in Bonn, Germany, PEROSH celebrated its 15th anniversary. The last years PEROSH has established a closer collaboration between its institutes and researchers. We strive to inspire policy makers and workplaces across Europe to use PEROSH knowledge in their efforts to develop healthy, safe, innovative and sustainable workplaces. PEROSH’s added value is the exchange of knowledge and good practices across Europe to the benefit of all.

We realise this through the following activities:

    • We pool resources and share knowledge in joint activities
    • We disseminate and exchange knowledge on OSH issues between members and within Europe to all relevant stakeholders
    • We advocate the importance of a safe and healthy working life to national and European policy makers
    • We identify new research challenges in the field of OSH

Core programs within PEROSH are:

    • PEROSH Joint Research Program in which members define and execute projects together
    • PEROSH Research Conferences we organise every two years for young and upcoming researchers of our member institutes
    • PEROSH Researcher Exchange Program where researchers can visit another institute to collaborate more intensively

[column col=”1/2″ last=”no”] Prof. Dr. Dietmar Reinert, the current chair of PEROSH, asked Jukka Takala, the former director of EUOSHA what he thinks of this PEROSH collaboration. [/column]

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