PEROSH project Prolonging Working Life publishes overview

A total of 44 studies focusing on prolonging working life are collected in this overview.

The completed projects give an indication of several work factors that have impact on work participation (or work ability), sometimes as a push factor, sometimes as a stay factor. Besides work factors, the impact of health and specific health problems was demonstrated, but also personal factors, behaviours and skills were studied. Among the ongoing projects are also projects aimed at risk factors, but also projects that aim to develop a model or a programme aimed at, for example, prevention, physical training or rehabilitation.

The many different studies show that the PEROSH institutes are active in the area of Prolonging Working Life. In 2020, a number of these studies will be discussed at the 1stInternational Conference on Prolonging Working Life in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The projectleader Prof. Lars L. Andersen from NFA (Denmark) and the PEROSH researcher group hope that this overview of studies will stimulate collaboration among researchers at the different PEROSH institutes to facilitate relevant research in the area of Prolonging Working Life.

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