Swedish Mynak new member of PEROSH

As of 1st January, 2020, Mynak is a new member of PEROSH. We welcome Nader Ahmadi, the Director General, and his team to the PEROSH community. Please have a look at the profile of Mynak in our members list. We asked Dr. Ahmadi a few questions to introduce his agency.

Could you describe the role and position of Mynak in Sweden?

The Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise – (SAWEE in English and Mynak in Swedish), is the only national knowledge center for Occupational Safety and Health. As a link between research institutions, social partners, funding bodies and policymakers we contribute to steer the direction and the content of OSH-research in Sweden. We also act as the gateway for Swedish researchers and research networks to Nordic and European research institutions and vice versa.

Why has Mynak become a member of PEROSH?

We believe PEROSH plays a very important role in connecting and coordinating European research towards common goals, avoiding overlaps and act as a channel for exchange of knowledge and experiences in the OSH-sector. Since we have been given a similar mission by our government, it is the perfect match.

What does Mynak expect from its membership of PEROSH?

We expect:

  • To help Swedish researchers to come into contact and participate in joint projects together with their European counterparts
  • To assist researchers from other European countries to get access to research and research groups in Sweden
  • To influence the direction of future joint projects/applications for funds and calls
  • To learn from our European colleagues and share with them our own expertise and experiences
  • To participate in PEROSH joint research projects

What is a light house project or activity in Sweden Mynak is working on currently?

We have three such activities:

  • Collect knowledge and compile reviews about factors that creates healthy and prosperous workplaces
  • Collect knowledge and compile reviews about the future of work-life and its challenges in Sweden for work environment
  • Evaluate a government policy from 2015, regarding rules for organisational and psychosocial work environment measures

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