Upcoming Project: Opportunities and Barriers for Prolonging Working Life

NFA has been granted the privilege of hosting a workshop in April 2018 to explore the possibilities of starting a new PEROSH joint research project ‘Opportunities and barriers for prolonging working life’. Due to demographic changes across Europe there are strong political interests in maintaining the labour force by prolonging working life, i.e. increasing retirement age. TNO led a previous PEROSH project ‘Ageing of the workforce’ which dealt with this issue, but this project has been terminated. However, due to the strong political interests in all European countries, it is relevant for PEROSH to maintain collaborative activities in the research field ‘Prolonging working life’.

A new PEROSH project should maintain and expand the existing research collaboration on this topic in PEROSH and serve as a strong platform for future collaboration in relation to Horizon2020 applications in this field. The project should build on the experiences and results of the previous project and aim to determine push and stay factors for labour market participation of older workers across different European countries with different regulations and cultures. In doing so the project should offer better guidance on initiatives for maintaining older workers at the labour market across Europe. NFA has just initiated a Danish project on the same topic with a specific focus on the Danish labour market.

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